The wellness of the body begins with the feet.

This is the philosophy on which POSTURAL POINT is based.

For more than 30 years we have been producing insoles for every need: for every sporting activity, for daily wellness and for any medical need. Each one of our insoles has been created keeping in mind the purpose for which it is used. Its structure, the material used, the internal technology and the covering material of each insole change according to the different needs required, making each model unique from the others.

The very thin thickness and sophisticated materials used, are the feature that distinguish our insoles and make them of a unique comfort.

ANDROFORM COLLECTION. Insoles for every sport activity, for daily wellness and for any medical need.

ACTIONFEET COLLECTION. The pro version of our insoles. After years of research and laboratory tests, we have developed a collection of DYNAMIC INSOLES that, thanks to their internal technology, are able to reproduce the postural benefits typical of personalized insoles. The sport models of this collection are used by many professional athletes at national level of different sports activities.

POWER COLLECTION. The bracelet of wellness. We have created a product capable of ensuring, thanks to its internal technology, a 360° WELLNESS.

INSOUL COLLECTION. Since 2015, after years of numerous researches, studies and laboratory tests carried out together with our team of doctors, physiatrists and professors of the University of Biomechanics of Padua, we have developed a service (of postural and podiatric analysis) and a way of realizing PERSONALIZED INSOLES that is completely avant-garde. Thanks to our advanced technology, we have the possibility to create very thin insoles that, at the same time, maintain their function in an optimal way. In fact, the feature that makes our insoles unique, is the complete realization of the internal structure of the insoles through 3D printers. 

Driven by the desire to evolve continuously, we were able to propose the same service of podiatric analysis and implementation of custom insoles, from the comfort of your own home. All this is made possible thanks to our advanced technology and continuous studies carried out together with our research and development team.

Postural Point. A new way of life. A new way of thinking.