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The conditions and terms specified below apply to the content of the entire Site and, together with any page or document to which these conditions and terms may refer, constitute the terms and conditions on the basis of which the Administration allows the use of the Site.

Access to the contents of the Site is subject to careful reading and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Conditions"). Use of the Site implies full acceptance of the Conditions.


Many sections of this site are accessible even without registration. Other sections, however, require registration through the provision of certain personal identification data of the user. For the processing of such data, the Administrator complies with the Privacy Policy.

The Administrator reserves the right to modify the Conditions set out below at any time, simply by updating this page of legal notices. Therefore, interested parties are invited to periodically check the most updated version of these Conditions. It is also underlined that some of the terms or conditions specified below may be waived and exceeded by specific provisions reported in other sections of the Site.


Except as otherwise provided in these same Conditions or in other sections of the Site, all copyrights and any other intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights of any nature in any of the contents or aspects of the Site, belongs to the 'Administrator or are licensed to the Administrator by their respective owners. These works are protected by local laws and international treaties on industrial property and copyright, and the rights on them are expressly reserved. Any use of the contents of the Site that is not expressly permitted by these Conditions is prohibited. In case of violation of any of the Conditions, the Administrator reserves the right to prohibit access to the Site and to request the immediate return or destruction of any material printed or downloaded from the Site.

The User is allowed to print or download some extracts from the Site limited to strictly personal use and on condition that:

· No document or graphic element of the Site is modified in any way;

· No graphic element of the Site is used separately from the reference text;

· The declaration of copyright (copyright) and the declarations of registered trademark or patent (collectively the "Credits"), together with the mention of this license are attached to each copy extracted from the Site.

Any copy, paper or digital, of the materials downloaded or printed from the Site cannot be modified in any way, and the separate use of the images, photographs, videos, audio, graphics or other things with respect to the related Credits is not allowed.

The position of the Administrator, or of the person / s indicated by them, as author of the material published on the Site must always be certified.

Except as set forth above, no part of the Site may be reproduced or archived on any other website or included in any system for archiving and searching for information or providing services, without the prior consent of the Administrator.

Any other rights or authorizations not expressly mentioned in these conditions are expressly reserved.


The Administrator will do everything reasonably possible, according to a standard of commercial reasonableness, to ensure that the Site is always accessible. However, the Administrator will not be responsible if, for any reason, the Site may be unavailable even for limited periods of time.

Access to the Site may be temporarily suspended, even without prior notice, in the event of system errors, the need for assistance or maintenance, or for any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the Administrator.

The user is personally responsible for the activation and maintenance of all the agreements and services that allow access to the Site.


With the exception of personal data which will be processed in accordance with what has just been specified, any material, content, etc. transmitted or inserted on the Site will be considered non-confidential and non-owner. Therefore, the Administrator assumes no obligation with reference to such information and materials and will be deemed authorized to acquire copies, transmit, reveal, use such materials, both for commercial purposes and for different purposes.

The User undertakes not to insert or transmit any material on or from the Site:

That is intimidating, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, such as to incite racial, discriminatory or discriminatory hatred, threatening, scandalous, inciting, blasphemous, damaging to secrecy obligations, detrimental to privacy or that can in any way produce annoyance or damage; or

· For which the necessary licenses or approvals have not been obtained; or

· Which represents or encourages behaviors that could be considered forms of crime, which can generate the responsibility of anyone, which are in any way contrary to the law, public order or morality or which damage the rights of third parties anywhere in the world ; or

· That cause damage (including, without limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, defective components, corrupt data or other software that is harmful or capable of damaging content).

The User cannot abuse the Site (including, by way of example, by carrying out hacking activities).

The Administrator will actively cooperate with the public authorities in charge of carrying out investigations and will comply with any order of judge who requests or orders the Administrator to reveal the identity or to identify the subjects who transmit or insert material that does not comply with the law and / or the above.


Each registration on the Site is valid for one user only. Any identification code, password, username or other, are a constituent part of the security systems and procedures activated by the Administrator to protect the system and the data stored on the Site. Therefore, they cannot be disclosed to anyone, even within a group, however determined. The Administrator reserves the right to disable the identification code, password and / or user-name relating to any user of the Site, when, in the unquestionable opinion of the Administrator, there has been any violation of any of these Conditions.

The responsibility for the confidentiality and use of the password lies exclusively with the user who assumes all risks on his own.

The personal data of the registered user will be processed in accordance with the information referred to in the Privacy Policy.


Links to third-party websites on the Site are proposed only to facilitate the use of the contents.


The Administrator will ensure that the information published on the Site is always correct and up to date, however no guarantee is given in any way regarding the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the information present on the Site. The Administrator you can at any time modify the Site and its contents, or modify the description of the products and / or services and possibly their prices, and this can also be done without any prior notice. It is understood that the Administrator does not undertake any commitment or obligation to update the material published on the Site.

Everything published on the Site is produced without any guarantee, condition or anything else. Similarly, except for the only mandatory limits of the law, the Administrator allows the User to visit the Site on the express assumption that no declaration, guarantee, condition or other limit (including, without limitation, the implied guarantees of good quality, adequacy for the proposed use and respect for the diligence of the good father of the family or the qualified one of the professional who, except for what is excluded from this condition, could have an effect with regard to the contents of this Site) have effect.


The responsibility of the Administrator, or any other party who acted on his behalf (regardless of whether it was involved in the creation, production, maintenance or realization of the Site), or of any other company of the group of the Administrator, of each of their directors, directors, employees, partners or agents, for any amount and for any type of damage that may arise to the user or to any third party (including, by way of example but not limited to, any direct damage , indirect, emerging damage, loss of profit, damage to commercial goodwill, loss of data, contractual or non-contractual damage, revaluation, interest or other, deriving from or in any way connected to the interruption of activity, including the fact due to mere omission or negligence, dependent on contractual liability or non-contractual liability) in any way dependent on the exer of the Site or in any way connected to the use, impossibility of use or the results of use of the Site, or dependent on any other website that is linked to the Site or from the material present on these websites, including without limitation , the loss or damage due to the spread of viruses that could infect the User's electronic equipment (pc or other), the software, data or other properties used for accessing, using or browsing the Site from part of the User or used to download materials from the Site or from other sites linked to the Site.

This limitation of liability does not intend to exceed the mandatory limits of the law or for cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.



The User assumes all burdens and responsibilities for any adaptation of his hardware, software or other instruments or for the repair, maintenance or correction of the same that are necessary in order to access the contents or use the services provided by this Site.


These conditions are subject to Italian law.

Terms and conditions for the use of the Images

1. Postural Point does not sell the Images, but grants a license for limited use of the same.

2. The Images are protected by copyright and remain fully owned by Postural Point and / or its licensors, including the authors and the people portrayed, who continue to be the owners of intellectual property rights or any other rights on the Images.

3. The user cannot sell, transfer, assign or sublicense the Images to third parties. The user cannot make copies, digital or printed, with the intention of granting the licensed Image or reselling it. The use of the Images is allowed only to the user.

4. Any activity that involves the use of the Images and that has not been expressly authorized is prohibited. For greater clarity, the user cannot: (a) use the Images in design model applications for resale; (b) display the Images to encourage the sale of "printed on demand" products, such as postcards, T-shirts, posters and other items; (c) use the Images in any item for resale; (d) use the Images or parts of them in trademarks, figurative marks or logos; (e) include the Images in any product in order to redistribute the Images; (f) use the Images in a manner that Postural Point considers (according to reasonable criteria) to be pornographic, offensive, defamatory or libelous in nature; (g) use Images depicting people in potentially sensitive situations, including, but not limited to, physical and mental health issues, social issues, smuggling or crime; (h) remove any mention of copyright, trademark or other proprietary right that appears on the Image, inside it or in the corresponding materials; (i) publish copies of the Images on a network server or a web server for use by other users.

5. You agree to pay and be responsible for any sales tax, usage tax, value added tax and duty imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the license granted to you, or the use of the Images by the user pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

6. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic without reference to conflicts of law. These Terms and Conditions will not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale and Purchase of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded.

7. The user agrees to receive notifications of any quotations or procedures that may be necessary by e-mail, registered mail or express courier with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the address or address provided at the time of registration on the Postural Point website or at the time of downloading the Image, or at any other address that may be communicated to us from time to time in writing.


8. the user acknowledges having read and understood this agreement and agrees to be bound by the corresponding terms and conditions. the user also agrees that this represents the complete and exclusive agreement between the user and technogym, which replaces any previous proposals or agreements, oral or written, and any other communication between the user and postural point in relation to the use of the images present.