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The Actionfeet Multisport Indoor orthotic is the pro version of the Multisport Indoor insole.

Specially designed for basketball, volleyball and futsal players.

At every training and every game, the microtraumas caused by the continuous changes of direction, power stops, restarts, accelerations and violent relapses go to affect the feet, the basis of our human body.

The main problems and injuries for athletes in these sports are the following:

heel inflamation, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, knee pain and back pain.

The Actionfeet Multisport Indoor orthotics has been designed to prevent and resolve these pains and injuries. Designed by analyzing specifically the playing field in which the athletes of these sports train and play regularly (the parquet), inside there is an insert in Noene antishock material. Thanks to this material, any relapse of power and any possible microtrauma caused by the parquet are absorbed and discharged by Noene, without therefore damaging the foot. Thanks to this greater support in the heel area, it will be possible to avoid the onset of heels inflamation, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. In addition, the Actionfeet Multisport Outdoor orthotic, thanks to its support (in natural latex) in the plantar arch, prevents pain in the knees and back.

But not only. In the Actionfeet version, the Multisport Indoor orthotic has been designed to improve sports performance. A series of small springs are inserted inside the orthotic, in the heel and forefoot area: thanks to the APS (Active Push System) designed and regulated specifically for the Multisport Indoor orthotic, you will have a greater boost in jumping and accelerations, greater reactivity in slipping and changes of direction, greater balance, coordination and power in every technical gesture. In addition, the A.P.S system has been designed to guarantee a constant postural balance: by correcting the structure of your entire locomotor system, your every technical gesture will be performed in an even more optimal way.

To give maximum performance, an athlete must be in the best possible conditions: the Actionfeet Multisport Indoor orthotic will allow you to play in maximum comfort and will enhance your playing style.


For correct use of the orthotic, it is necessary to remove the sole that you find inside your shoe. In this way it will be possible to fully enjoy the benefits and comfort of our insole.


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Evalux Perforated Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial
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Tecnologia Interna
A.P.S. & Inserto anti-shock in Noene