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The Actionfeet Safety insole is the pro version of the Safety footbed.

Specially made for those who work every day with safety shoes.

The main problems that these shoes give are the following:

talalgia, Haglund syndrome (pathology of large calcaneal tuberosity characterized by retrocalcaneal bursitis), Calcaneal spur, knee problems, back pain, plantar fasciitis, foot pain.

The Safety orthotic has been designed to solve and prevent these problems. Inside there is an insert in Noene antishock material, which, thanks to its ability to absorb and release any pressure and microtrauma that the foot undergoes, allows you to protect yourself from the problems of the heel spur, talalgia, Haglund's syndrome and plantar fasciitis. Its hypoallergenic and antibacterial Evalux perforated coating also ensures greater aeration of your foot. Thanks to its internal structure made of Natural Latex, the Safety Anti-accident footbed has been designed to guarantee greater comfort in the most critical and most damaged areas of this type of shoe, the heel and the metatarsal.

In addition, the Actionfeet version has been designed to guarantee additional well-being. A series of small springs are inserted inside the insole, in the heel area: the A.P.S (Active Push System). This system, in the Safety Accident Prevention plant, has been specially designed and regulated to guarantee a constant postural balance. By maintaining a correct posture, it will be possible to solve and prevent back pain, knee problems and pain in the feet: the typical pains of those who have to work many hours on their feet. Furthermore, although the rigid material of the shoe prevents the natural movement of the foot, the A.P.S. (Active Push System) has been designed to guarantee the natural rolling movement of the foot.

The Actionfeet Safety Safety footbed, thanks to our A.P.S. system, will reduce the feeling of heaviness typical of the safety shoe, allowing you to work with greater lightness and comfort on your feet, finding maximum comfort and well-being even while you are at work.


For correct use of the orthotic, it is necessary to remove the sole that you find inside your shoe. In this way it will be possible to fully enjoy the benefits and comfort of our insole.


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A.P.S. & Inserto anti-shock in Noene