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Together with the Postural Active, included in the price, you will receive our book "Postural Gymnastics.". In collaboration with the physiatrist Dr. Marino Baldo, we have created a book dedicated to Postural Gymnastics: here, you will find many exercises (for the cervical, upper limbs, bust, back and lower limbs), each illustrated and explained. By combining the exercises with the daily use of the Postural Re-educator, our only purpose is to guarantee the maximum possible benefit and the habit of correct posture.


At the time of purchase, write only your email at the bottom of the page, and you will receive the book "Postural Gymnastics" in digital format.

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Postural Active is our innovative and cutting-edge insole, specially designed and built for two purposes:

Postural Active is our innovative and cutting-edge insole, specially designed and built for two purposes:

- Guarantee you a perfect postural balance

- Act on different painful symptoms, such as:












In the medical and physiotherapeutic field, many painful conditions are resolved through the TENS (Transcutaneus Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technique: a medical treatment by which skin electrodes apply low frequency impulses to reduce pain, going to act in the neuromuscular system of our body.

We at the Postural Point, after many studies and research carried out together with our team of doctors and physiatrists, have decided to propose the fundamental principles of this technique within a insole.

In fact, the main and exclusive feature of Postural Active is the insertion of the Postural Pulse inside it (at the plantar arch): a microchip (battery powered) capable of generating micro electric impulses, alternating 8 specific frequencies, with reduced potential. Thanks to its different (imperceptible) frequencies and its application site, it will therefore be possible to re-propose the benefits of the TENS treatment, alleviating the various painful symptoms.

In addition, Postural Pulse, again thanks to its interaction with the neuromuscular system, will allow the body to find and maintain the perfect postural balance constantly and to correct the forms of Valgism and Varism. Furthermore, postural correction will be guaranteed by the structure and anatomy of the footbed. In fact, inside, in the heel and forefoot area, a series of small springs are inserted: the A.P.S (Active Push System). This system, in Postural Active, has been specially designed and adjusted to guarantee a constant postural balance. Balancing that is further guaranteed thanks to the greater support present in the arch area.

Moreover, in the heel area there is an insert in anti-shock material, which has the ability to protect the foot by absorbing the blows and microtraumas to which it is regularly subjected. Finally, thanks to its polyester coating, Postural Active guarantees you a constant sensation of freshness and comfort on your feet.

Finally, thanks to the presence of an insert in "VE90" Memory material, Postural Active will guarantee you a constant cushioning, massaging and relaxing sensation throughout the day.

The Postural Active Postural Re-educator has been designed and created to alleviate, solve and prevent your problems: the Postural Pulse will act on the perception of pain (providing you with immediate well-being) and on the postural balance, while its internal structure will allow you to correct the incorrect postures, which are the cause of many pains and pathologies.


For correct use of the orthotic, it is necessary to remove the sole that you find inside your shoe. In this way it will be possible to fully enjoy the benefits and comfort of our insole. 

The Postural Pulse will be activated by our technicians on the day of shipment. At the time of delivery, the Postural Pulse will therefore already be inserted within the Postural Re-educator and will be ready for use. Battery life is 6 months. After this time, just replace the button cell inside the chip, and the Postural Pulse will automatically start working again.


In order to alleviate the different types of pain, Postural Active has been designed to guarantee a non-invasive and non-pharmacological therapeutic method. Suitable, therefore, even for people who cannot take pain relievers because of intolerances or unwanted side effects. The Postural Pulse can be used daily for ordinary activities or during sports activities. There is no medical contraindication and can be used in conjunction with other active implantable medical devices such as the pacemaker.


This insole is a class B medical device, in accordance with European directives:

IEC 60601-2: 03 (ed. 4) Class B

IEC 60601-2-10: 87 + A1: 01 (ed. 1; am1)

CISPR 11: 03 + A1: 04 + A2: 06 (Cons.ed.4.1; am2)

IEC 60601-1-2: 07 (ed 3) IEC 60601-2-10: 87 + A1: 01 (ed.1: am1)


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